Save Life Connect

Connecting blood donors with recipients.

Find blood donors in your area

Our iOS and Android mobile app makes it easier to find volunteer blood donors near your location. Our smart system will find blood donors closer to you and will connect you in a matter of minutes at zero cost.

Eliminating obstacles in emergencies

Our automated blood donation system works efficiently whenever someone needs a blood transfusion. As soon as a new blood request is raised, it is routed among our local volunteer blood donors. We know time matters! So we keep you updated with real-time notifications sent directly to you via SMS (text message) or the installed mobile app.

What could you do?

In as little as few minutes, you can become someones unnamed, unknown, but all-important hero. Saving a life is noble work that starts very simply and easily. You can join our cause in a variety of ways. Every form of contribution you make is important, valued and essential in our shared mission to save lives. Register now and enroll as a blood donor. A financial donation can also help save lives.

Don't have access to internet?

We have an automated SMS (text message) service. All you need to do is send a text message to 8655, "blood need (bloodgroup) in (your-city)". It does not need to be in english, you can write in any language you want. Our automated systems are smart enough to understand anything you write and help you find a blood donor within seconds if not minutes.

Save Life Connect

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